Christian Denis

Christian Denis, the painterFrom a very early age, Christian has used art as a way to express his emotions, thoughts and visions. By the age of 7, he was already using many different mediums including pencils, charcoals, dry (chalk) pastels and paint on a variety of paper types. He also developed a knack for 3 dimensional works that started with huge Lego projects to modelling toys, to molding clay, to sculpting snow and ice. His work started getting attention from his classmates and school teachers. At their request, at just 11 years of age, he began teaching his own classmates the various art forms and techniques. It was also at this age that some of his work was first displayed publicly, including the gallery at Campus Saint-Jean (U of A), and also at the Art Gallery of Alberta. This continued to be his passion for a few years. However by his late-teens, he quit art completely in order to focus his energy on school, a career and starting a family of his own. Now, after having four daughters, art has resurfaced into his life in a big way. The desire to express thought and emotion was unavoidable.

For the last 5 years, snow and ice sculpting has become his most cherished medium. Things progressed from backyard projects with his daughters, to carving out 8 foot tall snow sculptures at Snow Valley Ski Hill, to carving massive ice sculptures at Sir Winston Churchill Square, to working with the city of Edmonton’s winter festivals and their site developments. At Hawrelak Park’s “Silver Skate Festival”, Christian took 3rd place in his first attempt in a competition which included professional sculptors from around the world. Although snow and ice have been his primary focus, painting has unexpectedly become a tool for expressing himself as well. He has joined forces with Ms. Daunia Del Ben and the Italian Theater company “Teatro Dell’Eco”. Through this company, he has taken part in a performance for the “Edmonton Garlic Festival” where theater, classical music and painting were simultaneously performed live, and his work auctioned off for charity. Mixing these art forms and performing them simultaneously has had a very interesting result. It is an experience that allows for the creation of a mosaic of different art forms giving birth to a whole new vision that any single art piece could never achieve.

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