Verdi and La Gioventu

Verdi and La Gioventu is a celebration of Giuseppe Verdi s life and music from the perspective of young and emerging artists in Edmonton. They will explore some of Verdi s contributions in the larger context of 19th century operatic music. The performance is organised by Andrea Melchionna and Lina Filomeno-Melchionna in collaboration with Denice Bennett.

Performers for the event are as follows: Olivia Smallwood, Anna Scarpelli, Ella Zenari, Michael Vecchio, Daunia Del Ben, Christian Denis, Joseph Depuis, Sarah Johns, Ashley Emberley, Krista-Marie Lessard, Justin Kautz, Holly Kroecker and Simon-Marc De Freitas. The performance takes place on Saturday, September 28th at 7:00 pm, Theatre Hall, Santa Maria Goretti Centre. It is free of charge.

Ella Zenari Anna Scarpelli

Feature Play

The Edmonton Verdi Festival is delighted to present as part of the Verdi and La Gioventu program the play Notes from the Sky written by: Daunia Del Ben and performed by Nino Signore and Daunia Del Ben. The playwright addresses the question of who was Giuseppe Verdi and provides insight into the man, the composer, the lover, the father and artist. The performance will explore different sides of Verdi’s personality and his life, collecting them as flakes from the sky. This will be done in an eclectic way in order to celebrate his eclectic temperament. The play will feature a painting by Christian Denis and will have a violin accompaniment. Backstage support is provided by Susan Bocock.

The play is produced by Teatro dell’Eco, an Italian Theatre Company based in Edmonton that produces productions including various art forms such as music, dancing, painting and acting. Teatro dell’Eco is both an artistic enterprise and a business. The former is a non-profit organization providing entertainment focused on Italy and Italian culture. All the performances are written by Italians (classic and modern) and played in Italian with English subtitles. It is also a business theatre venture, an artistic model that is popular in Italy and France, and that can be used for training for purposes such as team building, communications, customer service and much more. Business Theatre can be also used as a particular marketing tool. Teatro dell’Eco’s motto is “From Italy to Edmonton, spreading culture.

Daunia Del Ben, the writerNino Signore, the performerChristian Denis, the painter

To find out more about Teatro dell’Eco, visit their website.

Francesco Sorgiovanni, Host

Francesco Sorgiovanni, HostFrancesco Sorgiovanni is no stranger to the Italian community in Edmonton. He has been involved in one way or another with Giovanni Caboto Day, the Heritage Days Italian Pavilion and the Santa Maria Goretti Feast Day for the past 25 years. Also, 5 years ago, he attended the Italian World Youth Conference in Rome as a representative from Edmonton. This conference reinvigorated his pride in being Italian and he founded the Italian Youth Association of Edmonton or Associazione Giovani Italiani di Edmonton(AGIE). This association strives to bridge the gap between older and younger generations of Ital-Canadians in Edmonton. One of their initiatives was to bring back an annual Italian Festival day in Edmonton and 4 years ago, Viva Italia Viva Edmonton was born. Now Francesco has taken over the reins of the Ciao Italia radio program on Sundays on 101.7 World FM, a mainstay in many Ital-Canadian households in Edmonton. Francesco says that he’s “always been proud to be Italian and I think it is the best culture in the world. I strive to pass on our culture to new generations of Ital-Canadians and celebrate it with Italians and non-Italians alike.”

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