Lynn Mandel, Chief Honorary Patron,
Edmonton Verdi Festival

Lynn Mandel, Chief Honorary Patron, Edmonton Verdi FestivalThe city of Edmonton prides itself on its cultural diversity and our Italian community, with its rich and productive historic past, is a major part of this colourful mosaic which makes our city great.

It is absolutely my pleasure to celebrate this rich historic past by recognizing the importance of the birth, 200 years ago, of one of the world's most famous composers, Giuseppe Verdi.

Verdi's music lives on today, as masterpieces that remind us of a difficult time in Italy's past...a time of struggle to gain independence from other ruling empires.

Having studied ballet for a good part of my life, I was exposed to the music of the classics as part of our education and training. Verdi was no stranger and became a favourite of mine and therefore a part of my life.

Our Edmonton Italian community should be an example for us all. While celebrating their heritage and the importance of Verdi, they enrich the lives of others by reaching out to everyone.

I feel that it is a privilege for me to be the honorary Patron for these festivities.

Congratulations to our Edmonton Italian Community.

Lynn Mandel

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